Safe UL torch & tools resistance

 TRTL-30 TRTL-30 X 6
  • Body & Door 5" proven torch and tool alloy material
  • Removable door
  • Interchangeable hinge design to allow door swing to be right or left
  • Mechanism with 1 1/2" dia. massive stainless steel bolts
  • Three way mechanism with two top and bottom 1 ½" bolts
  • Relocking device : fusible and mechanical
  • Glass plate protecting locking mechanism
  • Boltwork designed to prevent any pressure on the lock
  • Door fitted with two S&G 3 wheel group 1 combination lock
  • Possibility to change second combination lock for a key lock or digital lock ( see options)
  • Adjustable heavy duty shelves
  • Finish: High quality paint with anti-rust treatment
TRTL-30 X 6
TRTL-30 X 6